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A: Starting October 1st, we will no longer accept used bras at our drop-off sites or the annual bra drive event. Our affiliate, Free the Girls Organization, will be changing its service model, impacting our ability to distribute the overflow of bras globally. 


A: Yes! Moving forward, we will only accept NEW bras to re-distribute to women and girls living in homeless shelters across Illinois.

Q: When and where can I donate bras?

A: Throughout the year, you can drop off a new bra at one of our participating locations and community. 3:11 Project, My Daughters Dress Boutique, Aurora HealthSource Chiropractic, and State Representative S. Kifowit's District Office.

Q: Can I drop off bras to Hesed House and Mutual Ground on behalf of CUPS Bra Drive?

A: The short answer is no. Our team of volunteers sorts and determines the best location for your donation.  They have specific donation requirements, and we ask that you gift your donation to our annual event in the fall or drop it off at one of our official sites.

Q: How did I choose CUPS Bra Drive for the organization?

A: I chose this acronym, CUPS, to ensure our mission met our purpose. To Uplift women who might be struggling to see themselves beyond their circumstances. Provide a Purpose for the vendors and volunteers that help me deliver this Service to local shelters in and around Aurora's community.

Q: What year was CUPS Bra Drive Established?

 A: CUPS Bra Drive was established in 2017 by Cynthia Gamboa-Morales

Q: How many bra drives have you coordinated since establishing the organization?

A: There have been ninth bra collection events and five annual bra drive celebrations.


Q: How many bras have you collected?

A: Since 217 - 10,368 bras have been collected, professional bra fitters have fitted 107 women. 


Q: Who is a beneficiary of CUPS Bra Drive?

A: Our charities of choice include Hesed House, Mutual Ground, DuPage Pads, and Elgin Pads.


Q: Can organizations contact you for bras donations?

A: Yes, women-designated not-for-profit organizations can contact me directly via email at to consider our beneficiaries.


Q: What exactly is the CUPS Bra Drive Service Day?

A: Our service day has three parts. The first is our traditional bra fittings at Hesed House. The fantastic team at Bare Moxie and I coordinate a visit to the homeless shelter, where we gift up to three bras to each girl and woman living at the shelter. The second part is the delivery of the new bra donations to Mutual Ground in Aurora—finally, the delivery of the remaining bras to Free the Girls in Chesterton, Indiana. 

Q: Who receives the majority of the bras?

A: All remaining bras not distributed locally in Aurora are mailed or personally delivered to Free the Girls Org. in Chesterton, IN. The organization Free the Girl's mission is to help victims of sex trafficking.

Q: If someone is interested in volunteering, how can they reach you?

A: All volunteer, vendor, and sponsorship inquiries at email to

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